Textbooks. Videos. Tests. Pencils. Chalkboards. Teachers. Listening. Homework. Sitting. Whiteboards. Pens.

After we came back from our trip we all decided it would be interesting to try public school again. Our first day of school I was so excited. I was in fifth grade! I remember sitting in blue plastic seats listening to the teachers go over the same rules we had heard for the past 6 years. Raise your hand if you want to be called on, never eat in the room, ask to go to the bathroom.

I remember breezing through social studies, history, writing, and reading. Math was harder for me. Some things in math were easy, others were not. Homeschooling allows me to work at my own pace. Science was always difficult for me in public school; I just couldn’t grasp the ideas I was supposed to be learning. When we were traveling we’d go to glaciers, hot springs, tectonic plates, and I understood because I was there seeing science happen and not reading it out of a textbook. After a year of learning in the world, being in a classroom all day seemed mundane.

Midway through the year we left public schooling. We realized we didn’t need a classroom to sit and learn. Perhaps we’ll never need a textbook. We’ve been homeschooling for about two years now. We love it. It’s exciting! We live in Texas but we’re on the road about six months of the year. We’ve excelled through homeschooling. We’re learning from the things we see and do and not what a teacher puts in front of us. For all the people who want to know what we’re learning, we’re learning the same things others kids do at our age. We’re just learning in a different way.

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