Steamboat is our second home (no joke we have a house here). We spend an average of three months in Colorado during the year. We first came to Steamboat when I was six. We loved it so much that Steamboat was the only place we ever skied. We started a tradition.  Every winter we’d pack up for ten days and go skiing. We came every Christmas.  After we got back and started homeschooling we started spending more and more time in Colorado. We bought a condo and we come up in the winter, spring, and summer for about a month each time.

After an annual visit to Grandpa’s down in Mexico we flew straight to Steamboat. We planned on being here for a month before heading dow to Costa Rica, but I suppose the weather had a different plan for us! There’s barely any snow on the ground but enough on the mountain to get a good ski in before summer. We switched our plane tickets from the 17th to the 3rd. It better not snow the day we leave! This is what we’re up to this month.


Last winter with all the snow!

Summer time in Steamboat!

IMG_8411.JPGYesterday on the slopes!

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