I’ve read hundreds of books. I’ll sit and read for hours on end. I have tons of recommendations but for now, I will only give a few.

Prisoner B-3087 

By: Alan Gratz

A short novel on Jack Gruener following World War ll in Poland. This terrifying tale shares six years of metal beds, no food, cold winters, treacherous walks, and brutal Nazi torture.  I love this book because the setting is Poland where typically books on World War II seem to be based in Germany or Netherlands.

I am not Esther (The Esther series)

By: Fleur Beale

Kirby’s world takes a turn for the worse when her mother drops her off at her brother’s house, where she spends the next year living with the most religious family in New Zealand. This bestseller New Zealand book will give you a better understanding of growing up by “The Rule.”

A Night Divided

By: Jennifer A. Neilson

The Berlin wall is smack in the middle of the city separating Gerta’s brother and father from her. Gerta’s family might just be a few blocks down the road, but to her it’s a world apart. This book by Jennifer A. Neilson tells the story of Gerta’s tunnel to freedom.

Between Shades of Gray

By: Ruta Sepetys

My current favorite. Lina, a 16-year-old Lithuanian is suffering under Stalin’s careful watch as she hops from labor camp to labor camp. A frightening story reveals secrets, love, and lies.

Salt of Sea

By: Ruta Sepetys

The same author of Between Shades of Gray, once again tells a fantastic story following four people from four different places during the time of World War II and the Soviet Union.

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