We homeschool, we worldschool, we unschool however, not many people know what that means. Sooooo….. I’ll tell you how we continue to school on the road and at home.

We basically homeschool, unschool and world school all at the same time. When we’re at home we usually do school for a few hours (homeschool & unschool). If you look on the internet of what exactly unschooling means you’d get… unschooling is a kind of schooling where the child drives the learning by what interests them. The parents are there to help assist the child in finding resources to help the child get information on the subject. Example, I enjoy writing and I wanted a place where I could share stories and such so I researched how to start a blog and I asked my mom what website I should use. Within a day I had set up my blog, written my first post and taken it live…all by myself! Sure my mom will help me if I ask her to, she’ll answer questions, help me research if I need help, and she’ll help me spell check and edit a few things on a post but other than that I learn myself, because thats what learning is.

When we travel we more fall under the world schooling and unschooling category. When we started our trip for a year we planned to school like the public schools did back in Austin. We had never even heard of world schooling or unschooling so we traveled with thirty some books and started off doing a ton of math as we set off around the world. We quickly found that traveling with a bazillion books and workbooks was unrealistic because of our backpacks and the constant packing and unpacking. My mom realized that we were learning in our own way through calculating currencies, communicating in foreign languages, hiking on glaciers, visiting countless museums, learning about architecture around the world, taking cooking classes, seeing festivals, learning about religion, speaking with people of all ages… We ditched our books, picked up some Kindles and began the journey of worldschooling. Yes, we’ll pop in some traditional learning once in awhile but not much when we’re on the road.

When we first started traveling I thought there was no one in the world who was doing the same thing we were. When my mom joined a Facebook group of worldschooler parents I thought, “Wow there are more of us!” I thought what we were doing was not even a kind of schooling and that my mom was just making it up. As we travel we keep meeting more and more families doing the same thing we are. So maybe in a few short years, there will be a lot more families who realize the benefits of learning the way we are.



2 thoughts on “Unschooling, homeschooling, and worldschooling

  1. Hi! I came across your blog just now. It’s so cool you’re doing this! I’m looking for ways to help my kids take more control of their own learning. I think your blog may inspire my oldest and show him what’s possible. Thank you for sharing your experience!!


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