We started the month off tucked in between the mountains, an hour or so drive from San  Jose. The tiny town of San Juan Sur has 300 people. It’s nestled in between coffee fields high up in the mountains of Costa Rica. We drove up the mountains twisting and turning around the curves as my mom explains this used to be a dirt road. When we arrived it looked like a town of five people, it was so tiny! The smattering of homes where all spread out between plots of land and coffee fields. The school was bright blue and very small. The soccer field with no goals had a few teenage boys playing soccer. That was basically the town.

Go back a month or so when we were planning the trip when my mom said “What do y’all think about going to see my host family when we’re in Costa Rica?” Now go back twenty years, my mom was twenty-six and lived with a host family in a tiny town. She taught English in the local elementary school. For years we’ve heard the many stories about the runaway cow, the five-hour walk at three in the morning, sleeping on the lawn of the church. We could never really picture it but we could all agree how cool it would be to see the town and meet my mom’s host family who she loves. So she amazingly got in touch with her host brother through Facebook. (Who would think they’d have Facebook after years of going in to the public phone in “town” to make a phone call!).

So before we knew it, we packed and were on our way, planning to spend a quarter of the time in San Juan Sur and the rest in an equally tiny town right on the beach going to Spanish school.

Fast forward till today… We had an amazing time in Cartago and we now have a second family!

Stefany (who was 3 when my Mom lived here) and Dylan (her uncle’s son)!
In the back of the car with Monica (Dylan’s sister and our new Tica sister who is also our age!) We were lucky enough to travel to some beautiful parts of Costa Rica with our new Tica family!
Our Tica family! Only missing Mama Tica!

After Cartago we retreated to the tiny town of Samara. We love our Spanish school and enjoy the Pura Vida lifestyle! A “normal” day consists of an early wake up, breakfast, school for four hours, homework, beach, pool, and dinner. Let’s just say we’re not complaining.

Hanging out at dinner taking useless selfies! Yes. Our tongues are red from a drink.

Pura Vida from Playa Samara, Costa Rica!

11 thoughts on “Where are we now? Playa Samara, Costa Rica!

  1. Its so good to hear from you guys! Sounds like ya’ll are having an awesome time. Can’t wait to see you in person soon! Lalania

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