Dear Costa Rica,

Your country stretches forever with its glorious scenery and landscape.  Your beaches seem to glisten in the sun while the birds fly in the empyrean above our heads. You open your arms wide delighted for clueless tourists traipsing across your land.

Your people welcome us in and leave us with an impression that they’ll keep us internally. They beam from ear to ear, smiling. They proudly show us around your fascinating country. They cook for hours on end to prepare us a stomach warming meal fit for a king. Your guides smile proudly as they show us around your glorious country explaining your ever so magnificent birds and intriguing wildlife.

Your sun shines down on my head creating scorching warmth. The ocean sparkles in the reflection of the sunlight. The salty water embraces me with cool arms as I dip in and wash away the layers of sand and sweat the day brought upon me. The water sways with the waves, throwing me on my back to float.

Your rainforest, smothered in various shades of green, carries birds that exceed even the tropics. The snakes peek out from their logs catching a glimpse of other such reptiles and humans. Your clouds hover low in the sky, scorching temperatures drop radically by dawn.

Your culture is apparent in the smiling faces of children playing in the street, the coconut vendors selling their pipas, and the taxi drivers playing cards till dawn.

Dear Costa Rica,

I’ll remember when Mom and I took a hot walk on the beach, chatting about life when a rainstorm came upon us. We didn’t run home or catch cover under an umbrella, we let the rain mingle with our sweat, soak into our clothes as we walked on listening to the sounds of the rolling thunder.


I’ll remember your country forever. I’ll remember the people. I’ll remember the culture. I’ll remember the wildlife. I’ll remember the sun on my hair. I’ll remember the salt water on my skin. I’ll remember the waves rolling. I’ll remember the monkeys howling. I’ll remember the way I felt at peace.

I’ll remember you, Costa Rica.

Goodbye to the people, the culture, the sand, the sun, the food, the waves, the wildlife, the rainforests.  I’m leaving but I’ll always remember.

Goodbye, Costa Rica.


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