Halo, Hola, Hello, Marhaba! Welcome to my blog! My name is Kaitlyn, and I’m a sophomore in high-school. I’ve grown up in many different places internationally and domestically; however, I’ve recently relocated to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and I split my time between here and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I’m currently taking classes through ASU’s dual enrollment program, so hopefully, I’ll be graduating high school with an associates degree before going to college! I am passionate about politics, geopolitics, international relations, speaking Spanish, volunteering, traveling to under-appreciated countries, creating meaningful relationships with friends and family, speaking different languages, and learning about the world we live in. I am currently learning Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, and perfecting my semi-fluent Spanish! My goal is to travel to every country in the world at some point in my life.

Before the pandemic, I was traveling to ninety-seven countries alongside my family. This blog has been a means of self-expression for me since I was nine and I’m excited to continue to document and share my life through writing and blogging! Ciao